Since so much of our body is comprised of water (60% to 70%), it is considered by many to be our most essential nutrient. In fact, a human being can survive quite a while without food, but only one week without water. Water is the "drink of life" because it:
Is vital to our most basic bodily function: breathing
Moistens oxygen and distributes it to the body's cells
Promotes supple skin
Aids in controlling body temperature and moving waste out of the skin
Carries essential nutrients throughout the body
Helps in digesting food for energy
Works to remove waste materials from the kidneys and large intestine
Is essential for the development and maintenance of good muscle tone
Protects and cushions vital organs
Contributes to the special fluids in joints that help bones slide more smoothly
Promotes mental quickness for optimal reflex response
Source: Dr. Susan Kleiner Ph.D., R.D
Clear, clean, refreshing water is the best choice. But why?
Taste, for starters... or lack thereof, with no chlorine.
Healthfulness... it's essential. People know that water enhances their well-being. That's why so many active, aware people enjoy the clean, natural refreshment of bottled water.
Convenience... Take it anywhere. Purchase it anywhere. Choose from many sizes. Or, have a cooler right in your kitchen.
Quality... meant only for drinking. Bottlers are exacting about filtering, bottling and packaging. Plus, bottled water is highly regulated.
Fun... Keeping a good thing simple!
A healthy body is more than a well-oiled machine. It's a well-hydrated machine. Why? Because human beings need water to survive and thrive. To keep your family and yourself going strong, try these tips for maximum hydration and good health.
Get on a water schedule. Start the day with a glass when you get up, then have at least one more with each meal.
Take water breaks. Mid-afternoon is prime time to break for a bottle of refreshing water, as is before, during and after any kind of exercise.
Pair your caffeinated beverages with a glass of water. Since caffeine acts as a diuretic and actually dehydrates you, fight back by re-hydrating immediately with a glass of water.
Keep water within reach. Stash on-the-go sizes where you'll have them handy to quench your thirst - in your gym bag, briefcase, purse and car.